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Convos is an IRC client that runs in your browser and brings the IRC experience into the 21st century. It features a persistent bouncer on the server side that will keep you online even after you close your browser window. Want to use Convos on your phone? No problem! Convos is fully responsive and fits any screen. Convos can be installed on your home server, cloud service, or in Docker.

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Always online

Convos keeps you online and logs all activity in your archive.

Video chat

Convos let's you video chat with a single person or multiple participants.


Convos comes with a selection of color themes, so you can personalize it to your taste.

Rich formatting

Convos makes the chat come alive with emojis and media displayed inline.


You own and control all your settings, logs, and uploaded files from your server.

Easy to install

No need for external servers or complex config files to get up and running.

Instant demo

Want to try out Convos? Sign up with your email address and instantly see how Convos works. You might also run into the developers in the #convos channel.

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Note that the demo is locked to the IRC server running on localhost. This is to prevent the server from getting banned from IRC networks with strict limitations.