We all like shiny things

Posted by Jan Henning Thorsen on 13. Oct, 2016.

It's been a while since the last post, but that doesn't mean there aren't cool things happening!

Version 0.99_15 is just out with a bunch of updates. Run the install command to get up and running!

New shiny things

The user interface has a lot of improvements: Among other things, we now support emojis! Type in a smiley or an UTF-8 emoji, and it will render correctly using emojione. The input field also support entering emojis, using the same interface as github: Type ":" (colon) and then press "tab" to see possible emojis.

Are you a programmer? You can now format your code using backticks, just like regular markdown supports, it will be rendered like my.cool.code.

The menu bar has fewer icons now. The "edit profile" and "help" icons are removed, and the functionality moved to the left side menu, below the dialog list.

Major bug fix by a new contributor

@alilles had an issue where Convos would truncate setting files when the disk was full. We tracked down the issue and fixed it. The result is that Convos will now throw an error instead of nuking all the settings for the users.

Thanks Anders, for helping out!

Support for channel redirects

There are some IRC servers that support channel redirects – if you join a channel called #cool_channel, then you might end up in ##even_cooler_channel instead. This feature made Convos very confusing, where you could‘t part the origin channel. This is now fixed, and Convos will correctly track channel redirects.


Want more details? Check out the Changelog, or come and talk to us.