Fixed fetching latest messages on websocket reconnect and other juicy updates

Posted by Jan Henning Thorsen on 22. Aug, 2016.

The stable branch has now been updated with major bugfixes:

Server didn't like my code regarding "unread" count

* Date: Mon Aug 22 14:57:12 2016 +0200 The "unread" count for the dialogs are now calculated on server side, instead of in the browser. This is a far better solution than what was introduced in [be445819cf01d22095b63e8a6dc10f3999c03d54]( The problem with the previous solution was even worse than what I expected: Seems like fetching participants and messages for a bunch of dialogs results in either the server or browser to drop some of the requests. I could be fooling myself, but that's what it looks like from browser dev console. So now instead, the code does one `/api/user` request which retrieves the connections, notifications and dialogs _with_ the unread count. Later the javascript lazy loads the messages from the backend when a dialog goes from "inactive" to "active" state and also handles websocket reconnects. ## Participants where all over place * [6d54a42a7f9d9e6cc2f268b072a19deae197514e]( * Author: Jan Henning Thorsen * Date: Mon Aug 22 19:50:10 2016 +0200 This was a pretty dumb bug, which would probably been avoided if there was any unit tests for the vuejs/javascript code: There was two attributes tracking the participants, but only one of them was actually in use when doing autocomplete in the input field. Which reminds me: Would very much appreciate [help](http://localhost:4000/doc/#getintouch), regarding choosing a test framework for the vuejs code. ## Send button to /dev/null * [142a39f4c519b1c319ab23117fdbd88e7f4b13a9]( * Author: Jan Henning Thorsen * Date: Sun Aug 21 14:44:00 2016 +0200 The "send button" next to the input field simply didn't work. This is fixed now. ## Keep sending us those issue reports [Denis Brækhus]( has been the first person to open an issue regarding the new codebase on [github]( This is much appreciated! He also posted a question on [Twitter]( ## Thanks to everyone Thanks to everyone who's active in #convos on and other channels, giving feedback regarding the user experience and other minor bugs.