Add participants list and more

Posted by Jan Henning Thorsen on 1. Sep, 2016.

The stable branch has now been updated. Want the updates? Run the install command!

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* Date: Wed Aug 31 20:34:02 2016 +0200 So in Convos a "channel" is called a dialog, and "users" are called "participants". But until now, there was no good way to see the participant list for a channel. This is now changed: A "cog wheel" button, next to the "notifications" button will now show dialog settings. [![Participants](/screenshots/2016-09-01-participants.png)](/screenshots/2016-09-01-participants.png) ## Why can't I install this awesome application? * [5878ae229c431e4e6acc31f839f4b1ebd32672fd]( * Author: Jan Henning Thorsen * Date: Tue Aug 30 14:53:05 2016 +0200 There was an issue installing Convos if you did not already have `IO::Socket::SSL` installed. This SSL module was added to the [dependency list](, but that doesn't help much when the module is required to install itself... The fix is to install modules over HTTP instead of HTTPS, until `IO::Socket::SSL` is installed. ## But wait! There's more! Check out the [Changes]( or have a look at the [git history]( if you want all the details, but here are some highlights: * Prevent showing join/part messages in all channels. * Fix loading Convos on Windows Mobile. * Fix parsing UTC time in Firefox. * Add favicon. * Add support for /kick and /mode IRC commands.