Convos version 0.99_21 is out

Posted by Jan Henning Thorsen on 8. Jan, 2017.

Version 0.99_21 is fresh from the bakery! Run the install command to get the latest version.

Who's in the current dialog?

Getting the participant list did not work when joining a dialog. It also failed when reconnecting to a server. Both of these issues are now fixed.

The participant list will also reload when the websocket connection is restarted.

Version 0.99_16 also add special styling to indicate if a user in a channel is currently active or not: A user who have left the channel will be rendered with "strike through" to indicate that the user is no longer present in the dialog.

Convos behind a reverse proxy

Convos has always worked behind a reverse proxy, but there was a bug which did not allow it to be mounted under a custom base path.

This bug was fixed in the beginning of December, making both location with and without a path working:

# Always worked
location / { ... }

# Now fixed
location /whatever/convos { ... }

Organization URL

You can now change the organization url to point to your own website.

On connect commands

Version 0.99_17 added support for defining and editing "on connect commands". This allows commands such as /msg NickServ identify supersecretpassword to be run automatically when you connect to an IRC server.

Closing dialogs

You can now close dialogs directly from the dialog list, instead of clicking on the dialog first.


Want more details? Check out the Changelog, or come and talk to us.