Convos has moved to

Posted by Convos on 20. May, 2021.

The #convos channel has moved to You might still see people in the #convos channel on freenode, but that will hopefully soon change.

The Freenode network has been overtaken by a corporate entity, resulting in the staff members quitting and starting a new IRC network called "libera".

You can read more about the details on, but here is a quote from the post:

I cannot stand by such a (hostile) takeover of the freenode network, and I am resigning along with most other freenode staff.

Here are some instructions, if you want to prevent your personal account to get into the hands of an unknown corporate entity:

# Change the account information
/msg nickserv set password
/msg nickserv set email

# Delete your freenode account data:
/msg nickserv drop  

Moving to the new network, you might want to register your nick:

/msg nickserv register  

If you get any error such as "Sending email failed, sorry! Registration aborted.", it just means that the network has a lot of new registrations and is unable to handle your request. Please wait a couple of minutes and try again. (Flooding #libera with questions is not helpful)

Convos v6.18 has been released with new defaults, and the official webpage has been updated with links to, instead of freenode.

Looking forward to seeing you on the new network!