Convos docker images moved to Github

Posted by Jan Henning Thorsen on 30. Oct, 2023.

Convos has finally migrated from the Docker registry to Github registry.

By doing so, we thought it would be a good idea to bump Convos from 7.xx to 8.00. But that's not all...

Why did we have to move from Docker hub?

We tried to reach out to Docker to host our images for free, since we are a non-profit open source project, but since they never got back to us, we saw no other way than to move the images to Github.

What does this mean for you? To get the new release, you have to make the following change in your Docker compose file:

-    image: convos/convos:v7.15
+    image:

Instead of "v8.02", you can also use the "alpha" or "stable" tags.

We changed the main menu

In the 8.00 release, we also made some changes to the main menu: It now has collapsible sections, where you can hide servers and user settings, if you find them distracting. One usecase is that during work, you might want to only see relevant IRC servers, instead of getting distracted by other conversations.

New main menu

New participant list

In the 8.01 release we also merged the conversation/server settings into the participant list. This has always been the case on small/narriw screens (aka phones), but we are now reusing the layout on wide screens, making it a bit easier to get to the conversation settings. Toggling between raw messages are now very easy, and readily available.

New participant list

New language support

The 8.00 release also got Romanian translation. We're very happy to support more languages, and welcome any pull requests for other languages in the future of course. Adding a language takes some work, but does not require any programming skills: Simply copy the en.po and start translation the strings into your favorite language. Don't know git or don't have a github account? No problem: Just email the translation to us and we'll add the changes to the repo.