Convos hackathon on November 21, 2020

Posted by Jan Henning Thorsen on 11. Nov, 2020.

Interested in hacking on Convos and learning more about the design? We will have a hackathon on the 21st of November 00:00 CET, until 15:00 CET.

Since this is a world-wide hackathon people might join and leave during the timeframe, but the core developers will be active in the #convos channel on, answering questions and teaming up on different components that you want to build.

If you are interested in attending, please contact us at [email protected] and provide the following information:

Because of timezones, there won't be any fixed schedule, but we might do ad-hoc video conference using Jitsi or Google Hangouts,

Please have a look at the following resources before joining:

Don't know what to hack on, but interested in helping anyway? Maybe you can:

We also have open issues and ideas in the fridge.

Looking forward to talking to you on the 21st!