Convos as a document and blogging service

Posted by Jan Henning Thorsen on 3. Jun, 2020.

A CMS in Convos? Why? How..? used to be powered by GitHub Pages, but it is now powered by "Convos Pages" instead. The CMS support was mainly added to make it easier to maintain our web page, but can be used by anyone as a generic CMS.

Last week we also changed the domain name from to "". We did the switch because the ".by" domain raised questions by our users and was hard to remember.

The result is a new and shiny webpage that reflects the main Convos design rules!

The new web page

How to create your own content

The custom web page can be created by creating some directories and files in $CONVOS_HOME.

See the branch for a working example, being this web site.

git clone \
  -b ~/.local/share/convos/content

Supported markdown

The markdown files support the basic Markdown syntax through the Text::Markdown parser. In additon it supports the following...


Headings will have the "id" attribute, which is as slug of the text inside the heading. The headings will also be available to be displayed as a "table of content" under the first heading. See Supported YAML front-matter for how to display the TOC.

Markdown inside block tags

### Some header document.querySelector('#code-example');

The content inside a block tag with the "markdown" attribute will be stripped of the whitespace of the first line, before being run through the markdown parser. This will make it a lot easier to indent the markdown correctly and read the markup.


FontAwesome icons

![fab](github) = 
![fas](eye)    = 

Two special image formats will be turned into FontAwesome icons instead.

Supported YAML front-matter

The YAML front-matter can be used to give extra rendering instructions. Example front-matter:

title: Some document title
description: Some cool description
image: /some/picture.jpg
toc: true
redirect_to: /something/else.html

Automatic content

Any Perl document available on the system can also be rendered under the "/doc" path. This feature is currently experimental: The URL might change in the future, in case it causes too many collisions. This feature must however be enabled with an environment variable:

CONVOS_CMS_PERLDOC=1 ./script/convos daemon

What is next?

It is unlikely to make a WYSIWYG editor for Convos, but if you like this addition then we would probably take a PR. Like this additon, but don't want all of Convos? Convos::Plugin::Cms should be fairly easy to pull out and embed in your own Mojolicious project.

So what is next? Check out our milestones or give us a nuge or comment on the issues.

Want to help out with the project? Have a look at the developement guide or come talk to us in the #convos channel on